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The Threading 

Leaders in the art of threading.

 Threading Academy

Our Why

For far too long we have seen the ancient art of threading be dwindled down to nothing more than a fleeting 5-minute service where someone is "in and out" in the blink of an eye. These services are performed by untrained technicians and business owners who simply don't care. They reduce the skill and art of threading to be seen as the "fast-food" of the beauty industry.


Not any longer.

Threading Academy sets out to break the stereotype, no longer leaving clients and brow artists alike feeling deprived of a thoughtful and meaningful experience. 


For every course taken, we will provide a free training workshop to a woman in need who can benefit tremendously from learning this exceptional trade.

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Meaningful workshops

Our workshops are designed and developed for you to get the most enriched education & training.


Hands-on practice every time

No matter what workshop you attend, there will always be time for hands-on, real-life practice.


Setting you up for success

Each workshop will leave you ready to add new services to your roster and set you up for success.

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