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5 Times You Should NOT Thread or Wax

We’re all for threading—and already explained why it’s a safe, fast, and effective method of hair removal. The same goes for sugaring, the natural technique of removing unwanted hair with just lemon, water, and sugar. But there are certain times when your body will thank you for postponing a threading or sugaring session, especially if you’re sensitive. 

Here, five red flags to watch out for: 

You just had coffee.

A warm cuppa is nice as a morning pick-me-up, but before a wax, the stimulants in caffeine can amplify pain. “If you’re extra sensitive, most definitely avoid coffee 24 hours before getting threading or waxing,” says Beauty By Dolly’s Director of Operations & Expansion Natashah Torki. After work—and after a workout—is ideal.

You just had a mimosa.

Alcohol has a similar effect as caffeine on your pain levels. The stimulants in wine, beer, and cocktails can make you feel that threading sensation more acutely. Save that Prosecco for post-threading.

You’re under the weather.

“Your whole body is often more sensitive when you’re sick, so we recommend no threading or sugaring until you’re feeling better,” Torki says. “And if you have a cold sore, stay away from threading or sugaring around your lip until it fully heals.”

You’re on your period.

Between the cramps, bloating, and headaches, we don’t need to tell you that your body is extra responsive to stimuli during that time of the month. The same goes for threading—while it’s perfectly fine to get threading or waxing in your bikini or other areas when you’re on your period, keep in mind that it might be more painful.

You didn’t sleep enough last night.

“A lack of sleep—like a late night out with friends or a work project that has you burning the midnight oil—makes the body more sensitive.” Catch some zzz’s, then book your appointment.


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