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About Us

Threading Academy was created by Natashah Torki, Owner of Beauty by Dolly in San Diego, CA with the vision that threading deserves a better educational platform than it's given. Natashah believes that threading is a beautiful art form that takes time, dedication, and practice to learn and it should be treated as such. 

Threading Academy is here to teach you the basics about threading, take your threading skills to the next level, and everything in between. This platform was created to teach the art of threading as the honored and time tested, safe hair removal option it is meant to be. 


 Our Program

Threading Academy covers everything from skin education to advanced threading techniques. 

We believe that education and lifelong learning are some of the most important parts of learning a new skill. We don't just teach you the basics and then let you figure out the rest on your own. We believe in continued education and learning that encompasses everything that you may encounter. 

Before taking our course, some students ask, "Why do we need to learn about the anatomy of the skin, different hair types, and skin ailments when all we want to do is shape eyebrows?" 

Education must encompass all facets of the topic that is being learned, and that should not be spared in threading!


Lifelong Learning

When you take any Threading Academy workshop, you are part of a lifelong group on Facebook. This group can be used to ask questions, troubleshoot any aspect of business, and continue to learn about threading. 

Your instructors will always be active on that group commenting, helping, and giving feedback on your work and any questions, comments, concerns you may have with your work and more. 

This group will be always available to you and part of our promise to lifelong learning and continued education. 

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