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The Ultimate Guide to Growing Out Your Brows

Raise your hands if you enjoy growing out your brows.


We understand. Growing out your brows can be a long journey of stray hairs, seemingly weird growth patterns, and uneven arches, but with the proper techniques, care, and conditioning, the end of the road promises fuller, thicker ready-to-shape brows. “Growing out your brows is one of those necessary evils to get you to the brow shape that is perfect for you!” says Beauty by Dolly’s Director of Operations Natashah Torki. Here, her fail-proof ways to go from flimsy to full, feathery brows. 

Rule #1: Do not touch!

It’s true: Leave your brows alone. Why? Hair grows in 3 cycles, each lasting 6-8 weeks. The first phase, called Anagen, is all about growth and determining how long each hair will be. Next is the Catagen phase. During this transitional step, blood supply is cut off and growth ends. Finally at the Telegen phase, your hair and its follicles rest. As Natashah says, “You’d be surprised what can start sprouting if you just leave them alone!”

Rule #2: Condition, condition, condition

“We’re constantly drying out our brows with face washes, toners, you name it,” she says. “Imagine if you washed your hair with cleanser and then didn’t condition it! Your hair would be in bad condition, too.” Use a conditioner formulated with essential vitamins, minerals, and oils, like our Resurrect Brow Conditioner available in stores, that nourishes both the hair and the skin below it. “Brow hair is just like hair on the head, it needs love too!” And be wary of castor oil, long touted as a so-called miracle grow for brows. “Castor oil has been debunked. It can make things worse by clogging pores and follicles, preventing hair growth.”

Rule #3: Maintain a healthy diet

“Eating healthy, drinking water—all of that contributes to your hair growth. Brow hair is hair. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, then don’t expect to have tons of growth!” Eggs, avocados, chickpeas, and fatty fish (like salmon) are just some of the foods with a natural source of hair-boosting nutrients like zinc, omega-3, and Vitamin B.


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